Tattooing in Queensland.

Monday, August 24th, 2015

Just been tattooing in gladstone qld,

had a great time,cheers guys,

see you in a few months (gold coast too, cheers)

Craig Gemmell Handrawing Tattoo of  Virgin Mary

Craig Gemmell Handrawing Tattoo of Dog

tattooing over seas

Thursday, March 19th, 2015

just about to head over to aussie,singapore,sri lanka and india,awesome.

Current plan

Friday, May 31st, 2013

On the gold coast doing a guest spot tattooing, back to NZ tues the 4 th June, awesome

About Craig

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

Craig grew up surrounded by the best of all worlds, a stone’s throw from the pacific ocean and New Zealand’s lush green native rainforest alike, it was a treasure trove for a young creative mind.From a very young age Craig along with his siblings, under the guidence of their father would often go to picturesque beaches around the magical Mahia penninsula to dive and fish in New Zealand’s waters which are abundant with sea life. This is still today a major part of Craig’s life and some of his fondest memories

The influence of these beautiful natural surroundings has carried through Craig’s artwork his whole life. With lakes, rivers, forest, caves, beaches, bay’s, mountains, farms and open plains around him as he grew, inspiration for his art was never far away. Craig has always seen art in everything surrounding him, from one of the thousands of pieces of twisted driftwood washed up on the local beach to finding pieces of discarded bone to carve. His hometown offered an abundance of places for adventure and inspiration, like the beautiful Urewera National Park and her many tranquil lakes including the famous Lake Waikaremoana. Within this national park, Craig and his family would spend many holidays tramping and camping in the lush surrounds. Although Craig now resides on Queensland’s sunny Gold Coast, he makes sure to travel home to New Zealand annually where he still creates artwork for local galleries

Although he began drawing and creating at an early age, Craig’s only art training is what he undertook at school in New Zealand, he always had a natural talent in the art room. He believes he inherited his gift from his mother, Wendy Gemmell, who was a nationally recognised New Zealand Pottery Artist. While his musical talent he believes he inherited from his father Angus Gemmell.

Craig fluently plays numerous instruments including guitar, banjo, ukulele, Scottish bagpipes and occasionally the drums with other local musicians

Upon leaving school Craig served in the Royal New Zealand Navy where he qualified as a chef, while travelling the world taking note of the natural beauty abroad. He gained countless mental images of islands, plants, animals, rock formations, lakes, countries and the locals along with anything and everything that fed his inquisitive hunger for inspiration stopping to surf and scuba dive whenever he could

Art for Craig was, in the beginning, a part time passion. His work as a chef brought him to the Gold Coast to work as a senior chef at the Marriott and the Royal Pines. During his cheffing career, Craig entered events such as Margerine carving contests in which he has won numerous prizes along with volunteering at many other functions and fundraisers.Whilst working as a chef and dabbling in art, Craig donated a lot of his artwork to various charities for auctions and raffles, as he still does today. He has also spent many hours volunteering in local hospitals doing artwork for the children’s wards.

He began professionally selling art  following his mothers loss to her battle with leukaemia. Being an artist herself, she had always encouraged her son to turn his passion for art into a way of life.

Craig’s work has now featured and traded in numerous local and interstate galleries and his day job as a tattoo artist allows him to live to create.

Craig is an avid surfer and diver with a passion for the outdoors and the ocean. Other part time passions include singing and writing music, fire-breathing, photography, boating, wine-ing, dining / beer-ing and barbequing, building custom Harley Davidson Motorcycles and his next endeavour is a sky-diving course which he has recently commenced. Craig keeps his mind, body and soul healthy through many spiritual and health orientated avenues and a large emphasis on family, friends and loved ones (They all know who they are) who he sincerely appreciates for their past and ongoing support.